Jason Nemes, the self made man released a new EP


Discover the succes story of an artist we already love. 

Jason Nemes is most known as an international speaker and also as an expert in health and well-being. As an outstanding speaker, Jason Nemes kows how to give relevant, ambitious and judicious advices to his audience. Years after years, the self made man worked hard, created many companies, and did his best to succeed. And you know what ? Today, Jason is part of the very closed circle of the 1% of the richest people on the planet. Congrats Jason !

A new EP to discover now !

As if all of this wasn't enough, Jason Nemes is also a brilliant artist that recently decided to get back to his first passion : Music ! He recently released a new EP as beatmaker, and we have to say it, we really loved it. Melodies are just amazing, beats are strong, Jason did his best to impress us, now it's done... Listen to this new EP right now on This is Riviera, and don't forget to follow Jason Nemes on socials. 


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