Jrilla, young drill master in trouble with superstar Gotye !

Photo de Jrilla et de Gotye en clash
Crédit photo : Capture d'écran prise sur le clip de Gotye "Somebody that I used to know"

After reaching 1 million views on Youtube, Gotye forced Jrilla to remove his video clip. 

Gotye has forced the removal of "Somebody I used to drill" from all music platforms! A song that reached an incredible 10 million streams in about two months just with Spotify, YouTube after going viral on TikTok...

Capture du clip de Jrilla pour le clip Somebody that I used to know

Who is Jrilla? He is a very talented 18 year old artist and songwriter from Cork Ireland with a very unique voice that is creating a new era of popular drill music sound that is much more appreciated by a wider or mainstream audience. Jrilla is produced by Coco the producer of M5 Sound Studio.

Jrilla in his last tweet regarding the song "somebody i used to drill" said: "Gotye who generated billions of streams and won 3 Grammy Awards 10 years ago for his song "Somebody I used to know" forced me to remove my drill version "Somebody I used to drill" from all music platforms.. with my producer we created a modern piece of art from his work.. (Somebody that I used to drill) was not just a drill song, indeed it has also helped many people who share my story to overcome something heartbreaking that no doctor or shrink can heal .. I am very sorry for my fans and very grateful for their support .. this is a lesson that makes me more determined to deliver more songs to my fans..."

Gotye, bad mood and has been >>>

Why did Gotye forced Jrilla to remove his content ? Gotye wouldn't really be a fan of drill, and even Hip Hop in general seems fine. However, the artist has boasted many times about helping young artists in the making. But in reality, it's a whole different story...

As a reminder, Gotye himself was ordered to donate 45% of the rights for the title "Somebody that I used to know" to the family of the late brazilian singer Luis Bonfa, for infringement. Gotye has not made a friend in this story and Jrilla fans are very disappointed, including us...

Jrilla releases a new clip for his song "BEGGIN U" on his own YouTube channel this Saturday March 19th, you can set the reminder for a premiere here... Make some noise for a very young talented artist !


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